The BERLIN-MITTE-ARCHIV works not only by preserving of historic collections, but also by increasing distribution and accessebility of information to a wide range of users.

Our services include:


 Research of property and building

Due to the drastic changes through war and destruction research of history of numerous buildings becomes a true puzzle particulary if the exact location of earlier structures is difficult to identify due to urban reorganization.


All publicly available data on the history of buildings and their purposes can be obtained at BERLIN-MITTE-ARCHIV.

We also search for specific dokuments in other archives on behalf  of owners or other authorized persons to optain further information about former and present properties.

Kaufhaus Riemer, Marienkirchhof 15-17, um 1910

Ruine des Kaufhauses Riemer, Marienkirchhof 15-17, um 1945

Research projects

In collaboration with the Office of Urban Research, Dr. Benedikt Goebel started in 2013 the research project "Stolen Mitte, The Aryanization of Jewish property in the Berlin center", which was shown in an exhibition at the Stadtmuseum Berlin 2013/14. The results can be researched online.

A current research project is "Invalidenstraße - history and stories". The results will be published soon.

Invalidenstraße und Stettiner Bahnhof, um 1925


Design of exhibitions

Producing publications

Märkisches Museum, um 1925


Working-up of collections

Digitizing of stocks



Database for individual research in our inventory ( free)

Ordering system for Berlin - data (charge)


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